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Best Food Mill Reviews for 2021

food mill reviews

A food mill or a rotary food mill is a versatile kitchen tool used to make baby food, purees, sauces, and to remove skin and seeds from vegetables and fruits. A food mill’s versatility depends on several features including the material it’s constructed from.

Choosing the right food mill for your use can be a bit challenging because of the various brands in the market. Each brand comes with different features, including construction materials, size, and other factors that are crucial when selecting the perfect food mill for your use. This is why we decided to dig into the market and came up with a list of highly recommended and quality top 10 food mills. Before you go through our top 10 best food mills, here’s a buying guide to help you through your food mill selection process.

Top 10 Best food Mill Reviews

1. OXO Good Grips Food MillOXO produces some of the best kitchenware in the industry. The OXO Food Mill is a combination of efficiency, durability, and a bang for your buck.

It features a heavy-duty stainless steel construction to ensure its durability and ability to withstand continuous use. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion or deterioration by environmental factors, which add to the longevity of this mill. This also makes the mill suitable for milling both cold and hot foods.

The mill comes with three grinding discs of stainless steel construction. The flexibility brought by the interchangeable discs makes this mill perfect for any kitchen. This is because you have a disc to prepare fine, medium, or coarse end product as per your requirements.

This mill is fitted with an easy release button which makes it easy to switch grinding discs or to disassemble the mill during storage or cleaning. This makes it convenient and easy to utilize.
Another feature that comes in handy is the foldable non-slip legs which makes it easy to secure the mill over pots and bowls for easy milling.

• Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
• Comes with interchangeable blades for versatility
• Easy to assemble, disassemble, and utilize
• Dishwasher safe

• The tripod stand is a bit unstable when milling
• The blade doesn’t press well on the grinding discs

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2. RSVP International Endurance Stainless Steel Rotary Food Mill
This food mill from the reputable RSVP features a lightweight construction and a design that makes it easy to use.

Its construction features different but heavy-duty materials. The bowl is made from durable and sturdy BPA-free plastic material which makes the food mill lightweight but capable of heavy-duty applications. The rest of the parts including discs, blade, and handle feature stainless steel construction for durability and to withstand regular use. The construction is resistant to corrosion which increases its durability.

It comes with three interchangeable discs for fine, medium and coarse food milling, which makes it versatile. It can mill both cold and hot mills.
Integrated tripod legs create stability during use. They also allow the placement of the food mill on top of a bowl or pot for easy milling.
The mill’s ergonomic design makes it easy and convenient to use.

The best part about this food mill is the locked-in spring which keeps the mill’s blade close to the disc for efficient milling.

• Its dishwasher safe
• Heavy-duty construction
• Has three interchangeable discs

• The handle is a little flimsy

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3. Mirro 50024 Foley Stainless Steel Healthy Food Mill Cookware – 2 quart

The Mirro Foley Food Mill features a stainless steel construction which makes it robust and durable. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and can withstand demanding use. This makes the mill suitable for everyday home or professional application.

Its construction makes it suited for handling hot and cold foods. Also, it’s good to note that stainless steel is food safe.
The handle is ergonomically designed, which makes it easy to mill. However, this mill faces problems with the blades in that they do not reach the perforated discs to squeeze the food. This creates inconvenience.

The mill is easy to assemble and disassemble when necessary, which makes it easy to utilize and to clean.

• Food safe stainless steel construction
• Ergonomically designed
• It’s lightweight

• Has a thin construction which might wear out quickly
• Tends to trap food under the blades
• It’s labor-intensive

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4. Stainless Steel Food Mill FLOTTE LOTTE by GEFU

A good food mill combines simplicity, durability, and efficiency, making it easy to utilize. The FLOTTE LOTTE is an excellent example of a food mill that combines these features for easy milling to make sauce or purees at home.

It has a stainless steel construction which makes it robust and resilient for demanding milling applications. This construction makes the mill resistance to corrosion and damage by elements, which prolongs its durability.

FLOTTE LOTTE comes with two interchangeable perforated discs for flexibility. This makes it possible to mill fine and coarse foods as per your needs. The disks are easy to interchange for a comfy time when milling.

This mill is easy to put together and to strip for convenience during cleaning, storage, and milling. All the parts are dishwasher safe for easier cleaning.

• Durable stainless steel construction
• Easy to assemble and disassemble
• Comes with two discs for flexibility
• Dishwasher safe
• Its design creates efficiency when milling
• Very sturdy

• Comes with two almost similar discs

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5. Granite Ware Stainless Steel Deluxe Food Mill, 2-Quart

This mill from Granite Ware features full stainless steel construction. This makes it long-lasting and capable of withstanding heavy-duty use. Stainless steel is perfect for both hot and cold foods, and it’s food safe. It’s also unaffected by environmental elements which makes it more resilient.

It comes with three perforated discs which allow fine, medium, and coarse milling. This brings adaptability to different applications at home, and it enables the milling of most foods.
The mill fits well on top of bowls and pots as the two end clips and the handle make it stable for an easy time when milling. It’s ergonomic designed makes handling easy and makes it comfy to utilize.

It has an easy to assemble and disassemble design for convenience during milling, cleaning, or for storage. Its maintenance is simple as its dishwasher safe.

• Ergonomic design for easy use
• Durable and sturdy stainless construction
• Comes with three grinding discs
• Dishwasher safe

• Due to the top position of the hooks, the mill sits too dip into the pot/bowl which creates inconvenience when working with a big batch of food

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6. RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Food Mill
The RSVP Endurance Food Mill is our second food mill from the well-known RSVP. Unlike our first review which has a plastic bowl, this mill features a stainless steel bowl. The rest of the parts are also constructed from stainless steel. This makes the mill durable and robust. The construction is food safe and can be used to mill hot and cold foods.

Its crank and handle are ergonomically designed to make it easy to utilize. The handle is fitted with wood which makes it comfy and sturdy to use.

All removable parts are easy to connect to the mill and disassemble, creating convenience. This makes it easy to clean and store. The parts are dishwasher safe for easier maintenance of the mill.
It comes with three interchangeable discs for adaptability to different foods and texture requirements. The discs allow for fine, medium, and coarse milling. They’re easy to swap when milling for convenience.

• Stainless steel construction for durability and heavy-duty application
• Comes with three interchangeable discs for flexibility
• Dishwasher safe parts
• Easy to assemble

• The fine disc doesn’t produce a very fine end product

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7. Cuisipro Deluxe Food Mill

The Cuisipro food mill features an extra-large design which allows you to handle a large batch of food in one go.

It has an 18/10 stainless steel construction for durability and to enable the mill to withstand demanding milling applications. The construction resists corrosion by environmental elements and is safe for milling food.

Cuisipro Deluxe Food Mill comes with three interchangeable discs for milling versatility. This allows the production of fine, coarse, and medium textures of purees. To make the process more effective, the mill is fitted with a plastic scraper on the underside to sweep the produce into the pot or bowl.

The mill features an easy to assemble and disassemble design for convenience when cooking or cleaning the mill.

It’s fitted with a non-slip handle and a coated roll bar to create stability when placed on a bowl or pot.  All the parts are dishwasher safe to make it easier to clean after use.

• Flexible – has three interchangeable discs
• Durable stainless steel construction
• Easy to assemble and disassemble

• The scrapper is flimsy

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8. WINWARE Stainless Steel Vegetable Mill, 2 Quart

Stainless steel is one of the most durable constructions that you can have for any kitchenware. This is why the WINWARE food mill from Winco has a stainless steel construction. This ensures that the mill is resilient enough to withstand prolonged use.
Unlike some materials such as plastics, stainless steel is food safe and can be used to mill hot and cold food without any damage or corrosion.
This mill comes with three interchangeable grinding discs which make it possible for you to choose a fine, coarse, or medium consistency. This creates adaptability.

It’s designed to enable easy assembly when milling and easy disassembly after milling to allow easy cleaning and storage. All the parts are machine washable, which makes it efficient to clean the mill after use.

The mill fits and stabilizes on pots and bowls with the aid of the sturdy handle and the large loop. This makes milling easier.

• Durable and robust construction
• Three interchangeable grinding discs
• Dishwasher safe construction

• Sits too deep in the bowl/pot
• Hard to turn the crank

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9. Winco Food Mill SVM-9

Another superior quality and versatile food mill from Winco. This food mill features stainless steel construction for strength and durability. This construction makes it suitable for grinding hot and cold food. Its food safe as the construction has no harmful chemicals.

It comes with three discs which allow you to grind fine, medium, and coarse purees as per your preference. The good thing about the discs is that they’re easy to swap, which creates convenience when milling.

The mill has easy to put together and disassemble parts which create convenience during the milling or cleaning process. This means that even storage is easier as you get to disassemble the mill.

It has an ergonomically designed handle and crank, which are sturdy and make it easier to utilize the mill. In combination with the foldable legs on the lower part of the bowl, this mill remains sturdy and stable when milling your vegetables and fruits.

• Sturdy stainless steel construction
• Has three interchangeable discs for fine to coarse milling
• Dishwasher safe

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10. Alisa Home Foley Food Mill with Vegetable Peeler

The simplicity and versatility of the Alisa Foley Food Mill are what makes it one of the best food mills in the market. This includes the ease with which the mill is assembled and disassembled whenever necessary.
It features a BPA-free plastic bowl construction and all the other parts, including the disc, blade, and crank, are made from stainless steel. This construction makes the mill lightweight while keeping it sturdy and capable of holding up to continuous use. It’s corrosion-resistant and food safe.

Alison food mill comes with three interchangeable perforated discs, which allows you to choose from fine to coarse consistency of your puree or soup when milling. The discs are easy to swipe out when milling creating convenience.

• Easy to utilize
• Durable stainless steel and plastic construction
• Comes with a vegetable peeler
• Dishwasher safe – up to 60°

• Not suitable for large pieces of food

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Best Food Mill Buying Guide


Food mills are available in plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, tinned steel or a combination of two or more different materials. The best material for a food mill is stainless steel because it’s sturdy, durable, food-safe, and easy to clean. However, good quality comes at a higher cost.


The capacity of a food mill determines the amount of food you can handle in one batch. The larger the capacity, the less the number of batches you’ll have to do. The most common food mills for home are the 2 to 3 quarts. There are also larger food mills 4 to 8 quarts. Select the size that meets your requirements and keep in mind that the larger the capacity, the more versatile the food mill is.

Ease of use

The efficiency or ease of use of a food mill is a significant factor when selecting a food mill. The assembly should be easy, and it should be easy to clean either in the dishwasher or by hand after use. It should also be easy to utilize. The handles should be ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold when milling.

 Interchangeable discs

Different sized discs are suited for grinding different foods. The best food mills should come with at least three interchangeable discs for versatility. This allows you to select the right disc for use with foods of different textures.


The price of a food mill is determined by its quality and capacity. The most expensive food mills are constructed from stainless steel, and they hold up to 8 quarts of food. The larger premium mills are best suited for regular milling. Keep in mind that a high price doesn’t mean that the meal is better. Its overall design determines the functionality of the mill. Choose a good quality food mill within your budget, and one that meets your set requirements.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Food Mill

  • Functionality

This is a broad factor containing all the pieces that determine how functional the mill is. It can also be referred to as the practicality of a food mill. A food mill should be able to produce sauce or puree as required without being hard to utilize. It should have the versatility of providing you with different texture consistency to fit various needs. The combination of simple but effective parts creates a versatile, ergonomic, and functional food mill.

  • Capacity

The capacity of a mill bowl determines the time taken to tackle a certain amount of vegetables or fruits. The larger the capacity, the more food you can mill at a go. For standard home applications, a 2 or 3-quart food mill is effective. However, for commercial use, larger food mills, such as 8-quart, are ideal for efficiency.

  • Food Safety

Food safety is determined by the material used in the construction of a food mill. Always check the mill’s construction to ensure that it doesn’t end up contaminating your food with dangerous substances. For, example, some plastic-based food mills contain BPA, which is harmful. The safest food mill is constructed from stainless steel material and BPA-free plastic.

  • Grinding Efficiency

Blades that are angled and close to the grinding discs are better because they grab and push the food pieces to the grinding discs for efficiency when milling. It eliminates the need to keep pushing the food pieces by hand or to keep sweeping them off the grinding discs. Avoid very steep blade slopes as they are challenging to work with. They barely grab and push the food pieces.

How do you use a food mill for jam?

Depending on the fruits you’re using to make jam, you can cut them into smaller pieces or leave them whole. For example, most berries are small enough for a food mill to grab and mill while fruits such as apricots can be halved.

The fruits should be cooked as required while ensuring that most or all of the water used is evaporated without overcooking the fruits.
Meanwhile, your food mill should be assembled and ready to mill the fruit mixture. The mill should be clean, and a suitable disc should be used to provide the consistency you’re looking for (use a fine or medium texture disc for jam). Place the food mill on top of a pot or bowl where the jam will be collected. Make sure it’s well supported and stable.

Once the fruit mixture is ready, pour it into the food mill in appropriate amounts. Turn the crank to mill the mixture while holding the handle for stability.
All the seeds and skin will be left as residual in the mill’s bowl, and you’ll have your perfect jam in the pot or container below the mill.
Don’t forget to sweep beneath the perforated disc; it holds a lot of jam after milling.

How much does a food mill cost?

The cost of a food mill is mostly determined by the material used to construct it. Premium stainless steel is usually the most expensive. Here’s a range for most food mills:
• Least expensive: These are food mills that cost from $10 to $50. Most of the mills in this category are constructed using either thin, low quality steel or a combination of steel and plastic parts. They’re better suited to handle cooked food than raw foods are they’re not suited for heavy-duty use. If it has any plastic parts, make sure they’re food-safe and sturdy.
• Mid-range: Food mills costing $50 to $100. These mills have better construction and are suited for occasional home use. They’re usually stainless steel and have a capacity of one or two quarts.
• Expensive: This category has heavy-duty stainless steel food mills that range from $100 to $200. Most of them have a capacity of three quarts, and some are even larger. They’re durable and can withstand long-term, heavy-duty use.
• High-end/Premium: Food mills costing more than $200 are in this category. They have large capacities of up to 8 quarts and are suitable for commercial use. If you can a lot of food, then this is a worthy investment.

Can you use a food processor instead of a food mill?

Here’s the thing, a food processor and a food mill have some differences that you need to consider before deciding whether or not you can use a food processor in place of a food mill.
A food processor doesn’t eliminate seeds and skin like a food mill does. It turns everything into liquid. A food processor is also electric, and a food mill is manual.

Although a food mill is not as flexible as a food processor, it provides you with pure and quality end product without any seeds and skin.
Can a food processor do what a food mill does? No. In our opinion, you shouldn’t substitute the perfect results of a food mill with those of a food processor.

What is the best food mill?

Considering functionality, durability, and versatility, OXO Good Grips Food Mill is the best food mill in the market. Its high-quality, food-safe stainless steel construction makes it durable, corrosion-resistant, and suitable for long-term use.

OXO Good Grips has three different discs which allow the selection of the texture consistency that you prefer. This makes it perfect for making soup, puree, jam and other milled products.
Assembly during milling and disassembly is a significant factor when choosing a food mill.

With OXO food mill, this process is easy, which makes it convenient to utilize. Cleaning it is also a simple job since its dishwasher safe. With OXO, all your milling problems are catered for.

However, it’s good to check whether all the features suit your needs, including its capacity.

Final word
Having a food mill at home comes in handy as you can make a puree, soup, jam, and other products while eliminating seeds and skins. However, for ideal milling results, choose the right food mill based on the quality of construction and other factors mentioned in our guide and things to consider when purchasing a food mill.
Bring versatility into your home or business by choosing the right food mill from our careful

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