Best Meal Prep Lunch Boxes Review for 2023

Imagine working on a job that requires you to stay away from home 12 to 20 hours a day. Now imagine having to buy an immense amount of food to fill your belly and keep you energized for an entire day of hard labor.

Do not worry anymore of spending tons on lunches as you can pack your own and carry them all in one convenient and stylish way. Lunch cooler kits let you house your multiple lunch boxes, shakers, bottles, juice, cutlery, napkins, snacks, fruits, etc.- all in one place.

They are a roomy and delightful solution to your lunch problems. These kits pack in reusable ice packs for keeping your food fresh and cool all day! It’s time to ditch polyethenes or plastics to carry lunch- carry them in a functional lunch kit with shoulder strap and superior insulation properties.

12 Best Meal Prep Lunch Boxes

Product Title Rating Price
ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Boxes Check on Amazon
Fit & Fresh Original Jaxx FitPak Meal Prep Containers Check on Amazon
MIER Adult Lunch Box Check on Amazon
Evolutionize Meal Prep Insulated Lunch Bag Check on Amazon
Fitpacker Meal Management Bag Check on Amazon

1. ​ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Boxes

  • Dishwasher safe parts; 6 meal boxes
  • One shaker; one ice pack that provides up to 12 hours of cooling
  • Shoulder strap; handle; one extra pocket in the side; one extra pocket in the interior
  • Lifetime warranty

This attractive meal prep kit from ThinkFit comes in a stylish grey and blue color and features a shoulder strap along with an extra storage pocket. It comes with 6 meal prep boxes – 2 having a capacity of 1.5 cups while 2 having a capacity of 2.5 cups.

There is one reusable ice pack supplied and one shaker, which has additional containers that can be attached to it. There is a pill box too with the kit. The bag is made of a sturdy material that keeps your food well-insulated and lets you carry your lunch boxes easily. This is efficient and convenient for both adults and children.

The snap-on lids of the boxes are good- no leaks or spills take place. The shaker is a convenient size and the shaker pocket also fits any other shaker, externally purchased. The ice pack is efficient is keeping food cool and fresh, for up to 12 hours.

The bag is a standard size and comfortable for daily use. The seams are tough; if by any chance, they come off, you can stitch them securely yourself. The material of construction is superior, making the product durable and sturdy. There is a small pocket on the interior of the flap for storing cutlery, etc.

The containers have compartments but some people find both the boxes and the bag a bit too small for adult use. The containers are not stackable so you might drop them if you aren’t cautious. Also, the containers seem slightly of inferior quality and are prone to cracking or breaking.


  • Durable and superior quality of materials used
  • Convenient sizes, well-designed kit with efficient accessories


  • The box leaves a lot of storage room remnant for people who don’t use all the boxes or just use one or two- this makes the content move about a lot and thus, spill
  • The shaker bottle sometimes leaks around the edges
  • A few users reported the ice pack not being cool enough and said they had to supply a few more to sustain the kit
  • A few users complained of receiving missing or broken parts

2. Fit & Fresh Original Jaxx FitPak Meal Prep Containers

Highlighted Features

  • Six containers- 4 2-cup capacity and 2 1-cup capacity
  • One shaker with a stainless steel ball in the middle for better mixing of protein shakes
  • One ice pack and one vitamin/pill case

This stylish meal prep kit from Fit & Fresh packs in multiple containers, in multiple sizes and forms. The insulated bag comes in solid or patterned version, and have various colored offerings like pink, purple, red, silver, aqua dots, purple or navy crisscross design, etc.

A shaker bottle, 4 lunch boxes (each of capacity 2 cups) and 2 lunch boxes (each of capacity 1 cup), one vitamin/pill case, and one reusable ice pack. The bag features a handle on top but no shoulder strap for ease of carrying. There is one extra pocket in the interior for storage of cutlery, etc. No side pockets. The sizes of the containers may be great for portion control but for people who require more than 1500 calories per day may find it small for their needs.

The lids are made of hard rubber and are the snap on type. The boxes are not stackable, but provide ample room for packing in an extra ice pack if desired. The boxes are leak-proof; you may even carry soup without worrying about leaks or spills.


  • The shaker is of good quality: a little awkward to carry as the elastic is somewhat at the bottom
  • Superior quality lunch boxes, with spill-proof lids
  • Dishwasher friendly


  • The lids are hard to put on and remove: you need to struggle considerably and if you put too much pressure, racking around the edges might occur
  • The ice pack may be a bit thin for some people, and you might need extras- the pack provides a maximum of 4 hours of cooling, which is disappointing

3. MIER Adult Lunch Box

Highlighted Features

  • Four color variants and two size options
  • Dual compartment; one front pocket and two side pockets
  • Top handle with plastic casing and detachable shoulder strap for ease of carrying

Available in color variants of black, blue, navy blue and red and two size options of Medium and Large, the MIER lunch kit embodies style and appeal. It has two compartments- top and bottom. The top compartment can be used for storage of cutlery, crisp packets, extra snacks, fruits, etc. while the lower compartment provides ample room to house your large lunch box and drink cans or bottles. The front compartment features a two-way closing zipper for easy access.

The bag has a top handle as well as a detachable shoulder strap for ease of carrying. The bag has a front pocket for storage of card, napkin, and other essentials and two side pockets. This bag is everything you can ever want out of a lunch kit! The bag is lined on the interiors by PEVA lining, which is sturdy, durable, and definitely leak –proof. Even if you pack in a few ice packs which somehow leak, nothing would get to the food.

A lot of users feel that the bag doesn’t keep food well insulated at all, even after packing in a few ice packs. The bag also may seem small for those who want to pack in breakfast and lunch together. Many users also complain of bad creases, and the material on the inside being cheap and ripping off easily.


  • Two compartments make it easier to pack hot/cold meals separately
  • Well-designed, different color variants; right size without being bulky, easy to carry like a cross-body bag


  • Weak interiors and zipper; rips off within a few week or months of usage
  • Poor insulation

4. Evolutionize Meal Prep Insulated Lunch Bag

Highlighted Features

  • Dual compartment; two mesh pockets-one inside and one at the back; one detachable handle and one detachable shoulder strap
  • Comes with three lunch boxes, and one ice pack
  • Three color variants- black, brown and mint

This meal prep lunch kit from Evolutionize is the perfect solution for those who like to carry larger lunches or brunches. Available in color variants of Black, Brown, and Mint. This bag features two compartment for lunch storage and one for storage of water or beverages.

The design also features a detachable shoulder strap and a detachable top handle. There is an additional mesh pocket for storage of notebooks, your mobile phone, etc. The top compartment provides good insulation and you can store snacks or fruits there.

The bottom compartment opens from the side and can easily fit in three or four lunch boxes. The bottle holder provides ample space to house two bottles. The kit comes with 3 BPA free lunch boxes and one ice pack. The containers provide may not last very long but a replacement is easily available in the market. Also, if you prefer glass containers instead of plastic, you may fit two, not three boxes.

A lot of users feel that the quality of the product is inferior. The clips that attach the handles to the kit are prone to breaking under load. The seams sometimes fall apart and one or two users complained of the mess pocket coming off in some places.


  • Dual compartments for keep hot/cold elements separate
  • Great size; provides ample room for housing bottles, snacks, lunch, cutlery, etc.
  • Provides sufficient cooling and insulation that last several hours


  • The zippers don’t work smoothly and often get entangled in the insulation
  • Not the best quality of materials used for the handles
  • This is a great size: packs in a lot of food and provides room for more bottles/shakers

5. Lavington Picnic and Travel Lunch Box

Highlighted Features

  • Dual compartment; dual pocket for holding two water bottles
  • Front, zippered pockets; mesh zippered pocket inside the top compartment
  • Comes with detachable shoulder straps and four slim reusable ice packs
  • Two top handles

This stylish and superbly constructed lunch kit from Lavington was initially designed for air hostess, cabin crew, or people who frequently travel and stay away from home for long hours. Their functionality and durability made it hugely popular amongst everyone looking for a reliable large lunch kit.

The kit features dual compartments- the top one to store snack and the main one provides more than sufficient storage room to house multiple lunch boxes, beer bottles, baby bottles, etc. The top compartment has a mesh zippered pocket for cutlery or napkins

The lower compartment is well insulated with heavy-duty 1680D polyester lining to keep food fresh and cool for hours. The SBS zippers are all of high quality for smooth functioning and durability. You can easily attach and set the kit securely on your sky bags or luggage via a back flap.

There is a front zippered pocket and two side pockets to house two bottles. The multiple compartments and thick material and strong zippers make it a must-have. The kit features two top handles that are comfortable and provide a good grip. There is a detachable shoulder strap.


  • The lining on the top compartment is removable
  • Functional; well designed, multiple compartments and pockets; zippers are strong and durable


  • The unit tends to get heavy on the bottom side and the location of the top handle could be improvised for greater ease of carrying
  • Some users complained of lining ripping or coming off after several uses

6. Fitpacker Meal Management Bag

Highlighted Features

  • Three color variants and two size options
  • Front pocket with zipper, two mesh pockets for cutlery, napkins, or snacks.
  • Bottle holder on the side with drawstrings for grip
  • Padded top handle; detachable shoulder strap

This lunch kit from Fitpacker comes in color variants of Midnight Black, Charcoal Grey, and Night Blue and comes in two sizes- small and large. The bag comes with 4 lunch boxes. There is ample room inside to fit four of these Fitpacker containers.

This lunch kit features a side pocket for holding bottles, a mesh interior pocket for cutlery, snacks, etc. and a front zippered pocket for your notebook, keys, phone, etc. The material of insulation is nylon for superior cooling and durability.

The kit has a padded top handle and a detachable shoulder strap for ease of carrying. Despite packing in 4 or 5 Fitpacker lunch boxes, there is room for putting in an ice pack or two. The lunch boxes themselves pack in large quantities of food.

The size of the bag is compact without being small: it can fit refrigerators, under your desk, shelves, etc. The containers are of superior quality- they don’t leak and can be cleaned readily.


  • Compact, spacious, attractive looking, well-designed
  • Comes with four meal prep lunch boxes that fit perfectly inside
  • Functional, easy to store and carry


  • The zippers are not the best quality- they often get stuck
  • The bottle holder pocket is a bit awkwardly large and results in weight imbalance, making it possible for the kit to tip over
  • The containers often come cracked around the edges when delivered or break apart after a few uses- as reported by some users
  • The material frays after some time and the seams sometimes comes apart and the handle exposes lining material

7. Isolator Fitness Meal Prep Bag Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Four separate insulated compartments: two in the main chamber and two on the sides
  • Top compartment features a mesh pocket inside
  • Two mesh pockets for storing full-sized bottles
  • Comes with detachable shoulder straps, 3 standard reusable ice packs, and 12 lunch boxes

This fitness meal prep kit comes in twenty-four color variants – yes, you heard me right! The color options include fuchsia, blue, purple, neon green, navy print, etc. This kit comes with 12 meal prep lunch boxes and 3 reusable ice packs. This is a well-designed, highly functional kit which features 4 separate compartment and two spacious side pockets, each having a mesh pocket for holding bottles.

The padded shoulder strap and handle are very strong. The unit might be two or three times more expensive than the commonly available kits in the market but it is totally worth it- the quality, functionality, and durability matches no other. This will see you through all your working days easily!

The 12 lunchboxes are stackable and range in sizes between 16 oz. and 38 oz.


  • Spacious, strong, durable, well-designed
  • The zippers are very strong


  • The boxes are prone to cracking; for longevity, they must be washed manually and not be put in the bottom rack of the dishwasher
  • The seams fall apart relatively quickly
  • Replacement of damaged product would require you to pay shipping cost, both ways
  • The insulation via the ice packs provided is inferior: you may need extra ice packs

8. Prep Naturals Meal Prep Bag with Meal Prep Containers

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 12 lunch boxes, 12 cutlery sets, and 12 paper napkins
  • Dual compartments; two mesh pockets; one zippered pocket for holding water bottles

This functional, well-designed lunch kit from Prep Naturals comes with 12 meal prep lunch boxes and 12 sets of cutlery and napkins. Each set of cutlery is equipped with a fork, a knife, and a spoon. Taking lunch to work is now more convenient than ever, thanks to this well-organized lunch kit. It features dual compartments- the top compartment can store snacks, fruits, an extra lunch box, etc.

while the main compartment provides ample space to store up to three lunchboxes. There are two mesh pockets- one on the front to hold your mobile phone or other essential possessions while the one on the interior of the top compartment can hold cutlery, napkins, etc.

There is a zipper-enclosed pocket for holding up to two standard sized water bottles on the side of the kit. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry your lunch kit to work and the compact size make it easy to place it anywhere, on the go. The strap is padded for comfort.

Consider the containers and the silverware as a bonus to the kit- they are of inferior quality, and often crack after several uses. They are apparently dishwasher safe but it will hamper its longevity if used in the dishwasher regularly.


  • Superior insulation- it can keep food fresh and cool up to several hours
  • Well-designed, functional, spacious- it is well-equipped to fit in multiple meals and snacks


  • The water bottle compartment was small for some shakers or Gatorade containers- the zippers don’t close if inserted
  • No top handle on this kit; you have to use the shoulder strap all the time, which is painful or awkward sometimes
  • The kit was found to be small by some, especially those who were using other meal prep boxes or Pyrex boxes

9. 6 Pack Fitness Bag Innovator 300 Black/Neon

Highlighted Features
Multiple color and size variants

This attractive-looking, fully-functional meal prep lunch kit from 6 Pack Fitness comes in six size options- 3 Meal, Mini 3 Meal, 3 Meal Bonus, Mini 3 Meal Bonus, 5 Meal and 5 Meal Bonus. The color variants include Black & Neon Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Red, Grey, etc. or just plain Stealth Black.

The bag features two large side pockets which are zippered for secure enclosure of your bottles, shakers, and even protein bars; there is enough room to fit two bottles, each side. The top compartment has zipper access and can store snacks.

The bottom compartment has pre-made shelves which will help seat the lunch boxes without them mixing or getting displaced when they are being moved. The main compartment can hold 3 or 5 meal boxes, depending on the variant you choose.

The kit comes with 3 or 5 meal prep lunch boxes, 2 reusable freezer gel packs and a detachable shoulder strap for ease of carrying. There is a padded top handle too for alternate carrying aid and comfort.


  • Attractive design; spacious
  • Individual and easy access to the lunch boxes; shelf-like storage compartments


  • The material frays and tends to rip with time

10. 6 Pack Fitness Expedition 300 Stealth Black

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 3 meal prep lunch boxes with secure lock technology; one shaker; one vitamin/supplements case and 3 freezer gel packs to keep your meals cool
  • Main compartment to house laptop, clothes, etc.; Front chamber to accommodate three lunch boxes; two side pockets to hold water bottles
  • Mesh zippered pockets on the main chamber and main lunch box compartment

This stylish looking meal prep lunch kit doubles as a backpack or a laptop carrier- it will solve all your storage need in one space. It comes in various color options like red, neon pink, neon orange, grey, neon blue, stealth black, etc. The main chamber has modular insulation and is shelved for individual and easy access of each of the three lunch boxes it can accommodate.

There are two zipper front pockets, both fleece lined to store your sunglasses, mobile, and other valuables. The main chamber is for 15” laptop or notebook. It is spacious enough to accommodate clothes, belongings, etc. The top handle and shoulder straps are padded for ease of carrying.

This kit is available in 3-Meal and 5-Meal variants. The kit also features two zippered side pockets that can store the water bottles.


  • Spacious, well-design; great organizations
  • Doubles as a backpack and a lunch kit- saving you the need to opt for separate bags


  • Not much room left after putting a laptop in: not enough space for books if you’re a student
  • Cheaply made with materials that are of inferior quality- many users complain of seams falling apart, loose thread and the bag ripping after a few months
  • The zippers are not the best
  • The containers are too small for most people
  • A lot of users complained of receiving the kit with missing lunch boxes or shaker or ice packs

11. MDMP Meal Prep Lunch Box

Highlighted Features

    • Attachable shoulder strap can go up to 53” in length
    • Double zippers in top compartment; two large side compartments for bottles and shakes
    • Buckles on the side to prevent strap coming out; superior zippers
    • Sturdy containers that are dishwasher friendly and build to last

This attractive, well-designed lunch kit features dual compartments and two large zippered side pockets, large enough to accommodate up to two water bottles. There is an interior mesh pocket in the top compartment for cutlery or napkin storage.

There is a zippered front pocket for storage of your valuables. The kit comes with 3 large, durable food containers, 2 reusable large ice packs, and a shaker with bottom storage attachment for storing your vitamins and powders.

The insulation of the kit is superior, aided by the 1680D polyester covering, padded with aluminum foil. The zippers are strong and durable. There is a detachable shoulder strap alongside a padded top handle.


  • Plenty of storage room
  • Superior quality, design and durable; sturdy zippers
  • Superior insulation


  • Expensive
  • It may seem too big and bulky for daily office use

12. Big Cycle Meal Prep Box

Highlighted Features

  • Detachable shoulder strap; no top handle
  • Dual compartments; mesh pockets for cutlery storage
  • Comes with 6 divided meal prep lunch boxes

This meal prep lunch kit from Big Cycle is your durable and sturdy solution to carrying daily lunches to work. It is made of PEVA fabric and has a polyurethane coating for water resistance and longevity. The lunch kit comes with 6 meal prep lunch kit, each having divided compartment and a leak-proof design to ensure food doesn’t mix or spill.

The kit features a top compartment for strong snacks, fruits, etc. and the main compartment has side zippered access. The main chamber can accommodate up to 3 or 4 meal prep boxes; less if you use Pyrex containers. There is a mesh front pocket for storing valuables and a mesh interior pocket for storage of cutlery, napkins, etc.

The side of the kit features a large pocket for storage of up to water bottles or snacks, etc. The zippers are not very durable in this kit. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap for easy carrying but no top handle.


  • Compact; sturdy; well-designed
  • Spacious: fits in multiple lunch boxes, snacks, shakers and water bottles, all in one


  • The bag collapses and crumbles if you don’t carry 3 lunch boxes: it looks droopy and unpleasant
  • The zippers are weak and the plastic boxes that come with it are very fragile
  • Some users complained of ripping and tearing in some regions; some other complained of fraying

Things to Consider Before Buying a Meal Prep Lunch Box

A typical lunch kit for daily use costs $30 to $70. You may want to invest in a higher quality one, for durability and longevity. There are also some which cost over a hundred dollars- these may fit in much more lunches compared to the common ones.

Size is an important issue for a lunch kit. You must carry it to work, possibly in addition to your work briefcase or bag. It must be compact. You may even often have to place it in the refrigerator or shelf- it must be compact enough to fit both.

The size should not be bulky or it would be awkward to carry and difficult to store.

Side Pockets
Side pockets can come in either or both sides. Sometimes these side pockets function as a water bottle holder, holding one or two standard sized bottles; at other times, they may serve as a store for snacks, protein bars, fruits, etc.

Extra pockets may also come in the form of exterior or interior mesh pockets. They can be used to store cutlery, napkins, keys, and other essentials.

Most modern lunch kits have dual compartments, which means the compartments are separately and you can store hot or cold lunch boxes separately. Access to these components is important- the design of these components are important too.

The compartment must be separated via dividers. The compartments must also have strong and sturdy zippers that must work smoothly

This is one of the most vital aspect of any lunch kit. Work shifts may require you to stay out up to 12 hours or more. Your packed lunch must be able to survive the heat and stay fresh and cool during the period.

Most kits provide up to 2-3 ice packs, but most of them are of inferior quality. Ice packs don’t cost much: you may consider buying separately for greater cooling.

Most lunch kits come with bonus meal prep lunch boxes- usually, at least 4 boxes are provided. You may also receive a couple of reusable ice pack or freezer gels to keep your kit cool.

Lunch kits more often than not come with a detachable shoulder strap that will help you carry the kit easily. Some companies also give you a vitamin/pill case and a shaker/water bottle holder with your purchase.

A lunch kit is a vital investment for people who work long hours or commute regularly. It will help you pack your lunchboxes, bottles, and every essential in one place. Reading our in-depth review, you might be tempted on investing in one.

We have selected the very best meal prep lunch kits in the market and compiled this list for your convenience. We have considered factors like material of construction, durability, size, compartments, functionality, price, accessories, etc. when bringing you the best that is available in the market.

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