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Chef Mike Isabella opened G next to the original Kapnos on 14th Street in July 2013. G is a casual, contemporary Italian restaurant and sandwich shop with a full-service bar that is open daily for lunch and dinner. The all-day menu offers a full selection of of sandwiches, antipasti and pastas, such as G’s spiced baby goat sandwich, arancini and delicious mushroom ravioli, a specialty of Chef de Cuisine Elliot Drew. The 15-seat bar area is home to an Italian-inspired cocktail program. Each week, Chef Isabella presents Sunday Gravy, a recreation of his family’s traditional end-of-the-week feasts. Expect classics like crispy calamari, a classic Caesar salad, house-made spaghetti served with pomodoro sauce and a traditional meat gravy with meatballs, sausage and pork shoulder. Home and kitchen related resources under sink water filter reviews

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